How to Convert and Calculate Percentages

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We face percentages in every aspect of our lives — from middle school math, to understanding sports statistics, to the weather forecast. Our meticulously curated digital workbook comes with a thorough set of practice questions and word problems to help you master converting and calculating percentages in any context. This is a math skill that can’t be ignored.

In this 32-page digital resource for Grades 6 to 7, you’ll find step-by-step guides on:

  • Percentage & Decimal Conversion

  • Percentage & Fraction Conversion

  • Finding the Percentage of a Whole

  • Finding the Actual Amount from a Percentage

  • Calculating Discounts

  • Calculating Percentage Change

It also includes:

  • 27 Practice Questions for Converting Percentages

  • 13 Practice Questions for Calculating Percentages

  • 20 Word Problems for Calculating Percentages

  • Detailed Answer Keys for All 60 Practice Questions with All the Work Shown

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