Learn Long Multiplication

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Multiplying two-digit numbers seems hard at first, with the two stages: multiplication AND addition. In our 25-page digital workbook, we made these stages easy to understand so your child can handle multiplying not only two-digit numbers, but HUGE numbers like six- or seven-digit numbers, as well! Carefully designed for students in Grades 3 to 5, our workbook includes:

  • A Step-by-Step Guide on Long Multiplication

  • How to Take a Shortcut

  • 17 Questions for Level 1: Multiplying Two-Digit Numbers

  • 24 Questions for Level 2: Multiplying Three-Digit Numbers

  • 13 Questions for Level 3: Multiplying Four- and Five-Digit Numbers

  • 6 Questions for Level 4: Multiplying Six- and Seven-Digit Numbers

  • Detailed Answer Keys for All 60 Practice Questions with All the Work Shown

You'll be able to download this workbook as a PDF immediately after your purchase. We'll also email it to you.

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