Learn How to Identify Parts of Speech with wikiHow

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Mastering parts of speech—that is, nouns, verbs, adjectives, and anything else that we see in a sentence—relies on one important thing: PRACTICE! We put together this fun and interactive, 44-page digital workbook for Grades 3 to 5 so students can learn this topic through practice (and when in doubt, they can always read our quick review guides to double-check information!). Good for the classroom or home, our workbook contains:

  • Review of Nouns, Proper Nouns, Verbs (Present Tense, Past Tense Regular and Irregular, Future Tense)

  • Step-by-Step Guides on Finding Nouns, Adjectives and Verbs

  • 16 Full Worksheets on Identifying Specific Parts of Speech in Sentences

  • Answer Keys for All Practice Questions

You'll be able to download this workbook as a PDF immediately after your purchase. We'll also email it to you.

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